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Tom Iland is a successful adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder who lives on his own, drives, graduated from college, became a Certified Public Accountant, works and has an active social life.  Tom is an inspiring speaker, and that’s not all! He is a Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker…an honor reserved for a select group of speakers worldwide with the extensive training and years of experience to truly captivate a crowd!

Tom presents a wide range of topics, ranging from autism awareness basics, to safely interacting with police, to helping youth with ASD and other disabilities realize their potential. Formats can be customized for your needs and audience (keynote presentation, breakout session, workshop, guided tour of Come to Life, etc.). Please review the popular options listed here. Tom co-presents some of these offerings with his mother, Emily Iland. Contact Tom for more information including fees, availability and booking! References are available.

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Come to Life!
Tom shares insider secrets and evidence-based guidance to help youth succeed in adult life. Inspiring presentations for parents, educators, other professionals and self-advocates are based on his best-selling new book, Come to Life! Your Guide to Self-Discovery (Available now at ThomasIland.com).

Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself.
What are Tom’s secrets to success? His mantra tells the story: self-awareness, self-esteem and self-acceptance. This inspiring presentation for helps any audience identify what really matters in life and learn to achieve it!

Come to Life Guided Tour
This half-day workshop is ideal for parents, educators, service providers and other professionals who want to use Come to Life with an individual or group of learners. Each audience member receives a copy of Come to Life. We go chapter-by-chapter to help participants explore the main concepts, try out the learning opportunities, and leave ready to put the information to use!

Come to Life Guided Tour for Individuals with Disabilities
The full title of Come to Life is Come to Life! Your Guide to Self-Discovery. Tom is that guide! In the book and in this presentation he helps youth with any kind of disability learn to “Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself.” In a guided tour, each participant receives a copy of Come to Life. Tom walks the audience members through the book, exploring activities that help them understand and apply key concepts to their own lives. The presentation is an ideal tool for personal development, helping youth or adults develop self-awareness and self-advocacy skills. Recommended for age 12 to adult.

Awareness and Self-Awareness
How to Tell Your Child About Their Autism
When, why and how should parents talk to their child or teen about their disability? Many parents worry about this and are not sure what to do. Educators and others wonder what they can do to help. This presentation examines reasons why it is important to be open about a person’s strengths and challenges, and not keep autism a secret from the person who has it.
Tom shares “Tom’s Tips for Telling,” steps to help individuals with autism understand their strengths and challenges. He addresses when the time might be right for the discussion. Tom also explores how to share information about ASD with siblings and classmates to create greater acceptance and support.

Our Family’s Journey
Tom Iland is a successful adult with ASD who lives on his own, drives, graduated from college, became a Certified Public Accountant, works and has an active social life. He shares the inspiring story of how he achieved these things, and what you can do to help youth with ASD or other disabilities realize their potential!

Self-advocacy & Self-disclosure
How can adults with disabilities get the help they need once the entitlements of special education end? Self-disclosure is a central part of the answer to this question. This presentation explores the pros and cons of the issue, along with ways to self-disclose a disability.

Adolescence and Adult Issues
Adult Relationships
Most individuals with ASD want to love and be loved. This desire can take many forms, ranging from friendship to sexual relationships. This presentation explores ways to support youth and adults in their search for meaningful (and safe) connections with others.

Adolescence & Sexuality
Autism doesn’t stop the process of physically growing up and developing a sexual identity! This presentation explores how to help those with ASD understand the changes of puberty, and concepts including privacy, boundaries and relationships.

Evidence-Based Predictors of Success in Transition
Data on the adult outcomes of youth with disabilities, especially those with autism, are discouraging. This presentation highlights the cold, hard facts and explores evidence-based options to improve outcomes.

Higher Education
Autism & College
Even the most academically capable students with ASD face challenges in college. The demands of college life can amount to social, communication, sensory, behavioral and practical challenges for those on the spectrum. This presentation focuses on preparing individuals with ASD to be successful in college and/or suggests ways of providing support to those who are already there.
Autism and Work
Finding Work that Works for Those with Autism
Not everyone can be a video game designer or astronaut. This presentation presents a novel way to help youth with ASD explore options and have experiences that can lead to a desirable career path.

Workforce Diversity: How People with ASD Can Improve Your Business
Workers with autism may have a disability, but your business can benefit from their many abilities. Learn about the cognitive profile of autism, and the areas of strength that may make them ideal candidates for jobs you need done!

Accommodating People with ASD in the Workplace: Insider Secrets to Make Work Work!
Tom has worked for at least ten different companies, with differing levels of success. Learn what you can do to maximize the success and comfort of employees on the spectrum. Learn more out about potential pitfalls and mistakes to avoid!

BE SAFE helps youth and adults with ASD and other disabilities learn to interact safely with police. The program was developed by Tom’s mother, Emily Iland. Tom now works with her to offer unique, engaging training and safety events for parents, educators, other professionals, self-advocates, police officers and other first responders.

A BE Safe Certificate Course is a full-day workshop that builds capacity for parents, educators and police to use the BE SAFE materials to teach learners with diverse language and cognitive abilities. All participants leave with the information, tools and resources they need to help diverse individuals learn to interact safely with police. The event is co-facilitated by Emily Iland and Tom Iland.

BE SAFE Interactive Movie Screening is a 2.5 hour community safety event that brings together local police and the disability community to get to build relationships and skills for interacting with one another. The event is co-facilitated by Emily Iland and Tom Iland.

BE SAFE: Teach Teens and Adults how to Interact Safely with the Police

This presentation focuses on the critical need to teach safe behaviors for interacting with law enforcement to teens and adults with autism spectrum disorders (and related disabilities) to help them have safe, independent lives. Tom and his parent/professional mother explore practical strategies, tools and resources for teaching key skills for interacting safely with police to students from about age 12. Evidence-based teaching methods such as video modeling, social narratives and visual supports will be highlighted.  We also explore different types of self-disclosure tools and related safety options.

Experience Autism
Tom’s mother, Emily Iland, developed an evidence-based training that helps law enforcement officers and other first responders recognize and respond to those with ASD. Tom now works with her to present this engaging training to law enforcement agencies across the country.

The Experience Autism®  4-hour training event includes up to six simulations that help officers take the perspective of individuals with autism. This training has been independently validated as effective by an independent researcher, helping officers feel prepared to interact more effectively with those on the spectrum. Experience Autism® can be expanded to include firefighters and medical personnel. The training can also be adapted or customized to create awareness of diverse disabilities for schools, colleges, corporations and other businesses, just ask!

The Experience Autism® training event is co-facilitated by Emily Iland and Tom Iland.

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