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CARD Event in Spanish

Thomas Iland, un joven con autismo, explica su mensaje de optimismo (en Español)
Thomas Iland, a young man with autism, explains his mantra for success (in Spanish)

Autism Spectrum Therapies Interview

Thanks to Autism Spectrum Therapies and Rob Haupt for this great Spring 2015 interview! We touched on many topics including how to overcome some of the obstacles associated with ASD and the benefits of seeing the ability in disability! Click HERE to listen to Tom’s inspirational podcast.

Understanding the Nature of Bullying

Understanding the Nature of Bullying by Emily Iland M.A. and Thomas W. Iland, B.S., CPA.
When I was younger I was bullied because other kids thought I was “different.” In the September issue of Exceptional Parent Magazine we explore some of the motivations behind bullying and suggest 4 novel ways to fight it!

The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

The Benefits of Dual Enrollment by Emily Iland M.A. and Thomas W. Iland, B.S., CPA.
Thanks Exceptional Parent Magazine for publishing our story in which we point out the advantages of “dual enrollment,” taking community college courses while still in high school. This can be a great part of transition for students with autism and other special needs.

Tom Iland at Temple Grandin and Friends, May 20, 2015

Thomas Iland was chosen to be one of the presenters for Temple Grandin & Friends a production focusing on Job Opportunities for Autism held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

Thomas Iland trains Los Angeles County Deputies, August 20, 2015

Tom Iland helps police officers understand how to interact in the field with someone with autism. It’s extremely important to help police understand how individuals with autism would react to common police demands and questions.

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